A long-established mutual society of property professionals

We receive at least one enquiry per week about a potential claim for professional liability. Claims can come from any number of sources, and they represent a risk to your reputation, your ability to practice, and your financial solvency.

LPMS has arranged group professional liability insurances for members since August 1976. As a society of land industry professionals, we can offer our members much more than a standard range of professional business liabilities policies.

Our principal objectives are to:

  • Guide members to minimize the potential for liability claims, or preferably avoid them altogether.
  • Continually seek and manage potential new risks to the industry.
  • Provide members with supportive claims assistance and administration, including quality technical, legal and insurance assistance.
  • Offer members access to specifically tailored group professional indemnity insurance for surveyors and valuers, and other liability insurance facilities on an optional basis.
  • Update members with information on risk minimization skills and loss prevention techniques.